Welcome to SoulSong

In this space I will be writing about things I have experienced in my life. Things I know about through my experiences; things I have discovered about my self and my world along the way.

Spirit has been nudging me to write and share for a long time. I have resisted for several reasons, but mostly because I am an extremely private person and many of the things that happened in my life seem very personal, including the mystical and paranormal. I understand a little more about that now, though it is still difficult to share with the world.

Spirit tells me that it’s the personal journey that we all seek to know and understand more about, including our own. We are often so distracted in life by the details of just trying to survive that we miss out on what lies beyond that illusion. From birth we are ingrained to chase things that in the end don’t matter; things that are a distraction from the Real things that do matter. And, that it is sharing with one another that helps us to move beyond the illusion of separation.

I know all about that life because I used to live it too, until I was visited by an enormous blue angel that filled the entire wing of the hospital where I worked. She had a message for me that took the next several years to fully understand. Seven little words – one small sentence – that turned my life upside down, then rightside up again, putting me on my true soul path.

A lot of what comes out here, if not all, will be guided by Spirit, moment by moment, because that’s the way I live my life now.

It will include information about how I healed the wounding from my childhood. It is crucial that we do this work because these wounds bleed forward into our adult lives and wreak havoc in our relationships, and call for our attention by doing so.

My entire life has been a healing journey from being raised by abusive, narcissistic and completely unconscious fear based parenting. My wounding was deep. This healing was central as the rest of my life unfolded: marriage, children, work, school, etc.

Mostly I traveled this healing journey solo, without traditional therapy, and under the Wing of Spirit. Always just the right person would appear to assist me if I needed support.  Miraculously, all along the way, written material would fall into my hands that would be exactly what I needed at that time. Much of it was intuitive and would come during quiet moments of Listening with my heart.

If you are a Twin Flame you probably know by now that healing our wounding is critical to the path toward Sacred Union. I will be sharing a technique that was given by my spirit team recently to clear and transmute the narcissistic family template I was born into which helped me move through the final phase of my healing. A technique that allowed me to feel my own soul essence for the first time – ever.

All that is shared in this blog, whether my writing or shared via other’s, will be Ascension oriented. That is why I am here – to assist planet Earth and her life grids from fear to Love: 5th dimension and higher, where Earth was in her beginning.

Additional articles will include:

  • Angels: They have been around me all my life, seen and unseen, and they are around you too. On one occasion my life was miraculously spared during what would have been a fatal mva.
  • Twin Flames: A journey in and of itself – my story
  • Love, and relationships: Sun/Moon – who leads, who supports – ending the power struggle, and finding harmony and balance with our partner; Unrequited love, a blessing in disguise.
  • Self Love: The biggest lesson of all lessons. Every person and situation we’ve attracted in our life will be there to teach us this. It is THE lesson that transforms our inner and outer life from suffering to thriving.
  • QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy): I will share what I saw behind the veil about my soul; my work and purpose in this life stream; the bigger picture of our planet; why it is important work if you feel guided to have a QHHT therapy session; we are ALL doing enormously important work that we lose memory of when we enter our bodies.
  • Synchronicity and other signs of the Divine in our lives: our life teems with unseen support that surrounds us at all times.
  • Star Beings – Extraterrestrials: how that mingled in along my life’s journey as well; Encounters with them runs in my family; My visit aboard a light ship; Extraterrestrials (our star families) work in tandem with the angelic realms to assist us.
  • Astral travel
  • Being present in the now moment: where we have everything we need.
  • Gratitude Consciousness
  • Paranormal Imaging: capturing the Divine; learning to see, and be comfortable with seeing your angels, spirit guides and star families.

This list will evolve as I move along. This is what has emerged for now.

May your journey be filled with love, light and an awareness of the Divine that surrounds us in all moments.




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