August 21 Solar Eclipse Mass Meditation For Compression Breakthrough

August Eclipse Meditation – We will  be using the powerful energies of the August 21 Eclipse to declare our collective intention for Compression Breakthrough (the EVENT). The EVENT is the manifestation of Unconditional Love.

As the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center in the month of August powerful energies are available to us. The Galactic Center is at the central point of our solar system and the heart of our Universe. The Galactic Center is one of the most highly charged points of energy in the solar system and contains vibrations that we do not often get to experience. For this reason, when Earth moves in alignment with the Galactic Center, we are all able to receive massive downloads of higher frequency Energy. This  Energy desires to enhance spiritual awakenings; to bring about new insights and new awareness. It has the ability to raise the consciousness of the planet. Welcome this Energy through your heart~space. It is pure Source Energy.

The Meditation will begin at the moment of the Solar Eclipse maximum on Monday, August 21 at 11:11 am PDT.

Monday Aug 21
8:11 am HAST Honolulu
11:11 am PDT Los Angeles
12:11 pm MDT Denver
1:11 pm CDT Chicago
2:11 pm EDT New York
3:11 pm BRT Rio de Janeiro
7.11 pm BST London
8.11 pm / 20:11 CEST Berlin
8.11 pm EET Cairo

Tuesday Aug 22
1:11 am ICT Bangkok
2:11 am CST Taipei
3:11 am JST Tokyo
4:11 am AEST Sydney
6:11 am NZST Auckland

Informational Video in 432Hz #EclipseEvent2017

August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse – English


For more on The Event please see



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