Tolec :: Deep Disclosure Part 1, 2, 3 & 4

DEEP DISCLOSURE, Down the Rabbit Hole – Segment 1


[Tolec: M & MsM asked me to tell you: “We will have an assistance program that will help people get ‘a plan’ together. Everything is staged or phased. Programs will roll-out… as fast as possible.”~ Please join M, MsM, Tolec, Clifford Mahooty & more at: 2018 Sedona Transformational Shift Conference]

DEEP DISCLOSURE, The Red Pill – Segment 3 


NOTE: Of all the segments so far, this one, I believe, content wise, has the most detailed information to date about ~ M & MsM team’s specific plans for an “RV” [relevant to different global currencies, DINAR, ‘ZIM’, DONG, etc.], it details exactly what financial ‘products’ they are currently focused-on bringing in right now;

It includes M’s specific plans & in-depth knowledge, and expertise, about crypto currency & the importance of the uncomplicated, robust & secure nature of block-chain programming in its use as decentralized, transactional based software inclusive of its importance to a new financial system, relevant to and in comparison with the current, fraudulent banking industry;

The positive events, and real changes, happening to the “DEEP STATE”, the current status of the ‘Cabal’ specifically relevant to recent arrests, near future resignations in global banking, and especially global media, the shutting down of one aspect of negative ‘Ai’… and more.

AND, the final MB size of this compressed MP4 video file, of this conversation, now up on YouTube [pretty amazingly] is still: 444.


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