Quantum Communication With Your Twin Flame :: Bridging To 5D Connection :: Ascension Codes

If you find your self reading this you are more than likely a twin flame, and you probably have come into the knowing that there are phases, or steps, to this journey and that one leads you to the next. That the journey is a succession of awakenings as we heal and clear – and remember.

I can’t say that this information is going to ring in for everyone, especially those locked into old twin flame templates of focusing on union, rather than Ascension. In hindsight I feel everything in my journey happened for me the way it did because of how convoluted the journey has been from the beginning.

We met long before I had ever seen any mention of twin flames, even though I had been in spiritual awareness and study from an early age. We were in separation over six years before I would cross paths  with my first evidence of twin flames, and connect dots with what had happened – who we were to one another. When he left, he left and moved a million miles away. He changed his phone number. He vanished, hard core. I was not given the luxury of a gradual departure and slow release. I was road kill for the next 2+ years. Do I think it was easy for him? No, I do not. He suffered right along with me. This, I know.

By the time I came across my first glimpse of twin flame information I had already forged my way through much of the healing journey. The many layers of soul purge, shadow integration. and leveling up to that place where you feel just a little better only to begin the whole process again. During those years I was also forced to reconcile that in the event I never saw him again that our souls are eternal, and this life temporary. This brought about great relief for me in the years leading to our twin flame discovery.

When I finally did cross paths with information on twin flames, though I was grateful at finally having some understanding of what we had experienced and who we were to one another, I did not relate much to what I was reading. At that time the only information I found was coming from someone who had discovered her twin – though he was in Spirit form, and not in body. The path is different for twins with both sets of boots on the ground. It’s much more intense. Presently, there is quite a bit of distortion about the twin flame journey – and our divine mission. As I reflect I feel everything happened as it was supposed to, as it always does. It was not intended for me to tie into the belief systems of others, and why I traveled the journey solo. It forced me inward to find my own answers.

Still to this day I travel this road solo. I am not drawn to ‘follow’ others, in groups or on social media, which is a complete distortion of energy, and not what the True Twin Flame path is about as the divine path to God through our hearts. Nothing outside of you can take you There. The way to Sacred Union is first an inner journey of aligning with our own I Am presence- Sacred Union with Self within – thereby connecting with our own innate wisdom that guides us. This is the sacred space we must find and maintain in order to align with the frequency of Union with our Beloved. It is deep soul work, and can only be accomplished by going within. Focusing outside your self, except to observe what you are attracting, is a distraction of the inner process.

In January of 2017, I had reached a sort of plateau, not really ‘stuck’ but there was a feeling of stasis. By then I was adept at checking in with my self to identify my feelings. I loved my self, including my shadows, and navigating life through the compass of my heart. I had cleared the narcissism I grew up in (link below). Those who once would have triggered me I now viewed with compassion. I was attuned to my higher, inner, guidance and was walking my path of service through awareness.

It was during this time that out of the blue my twin appeared next to my bed one night as I was entering sleep. I was in the drift zone – between awake and dropping off the edge into deep sleep. That lucid but very relaxed state where realities bridge one another.

There he stood all dressed in White shining like the Sun – and smiling at me. He was so beautiful. I did not know what this meant and wondered if he had died and was now appearing to me in Spirit form. No matter the why, I felt a tremendous sense of peace wash over me knowing he was there with me. It was the first time I’d seen him since he had moved to the Moon a million years ago. I surrendered and let go.

The next morning as I was once again in the drift zone, coming back from where ever I had just been he was still there and patiently waiting for me to talk to him. Had he been there all night? I asked him if he was dead. Oddly I felt very calm asking this question. I felt deep trust no matter the answer. He chuckled and said – No. His heart told mine that He was alive and well. I understood what this meant, and that this form standing before me was his Higher 5D+ Aspect. He then disappeared.

This higher dimensional contact reminded me of our earliest contact many years ago before we met on the physical plane – where his energy began to visit me.

Earlier this year, in January (2018), during my morning spiritual practice of meditation and communicating with my Spirit Team, I was guided to open a chat room on the inner (higher) planes to provide a space for communication with Him. And so I did.

I thought about our early days when we first met – our first conversation – the conversation that awakened our energetic memories of one another. And where the whole world disappeared and time stood still as we sat on the empty living room floor of my new apartment talking about everything under the Sun. I chose this room, this place, to meet with him now because it had been (still is) one of the happiest and fondest memories of us. It’s forever seared into my heart’s memory.

With the location chosen, our meetings began. It was as simple as closing my eyes in one reality and opening them in another. Why had I not done this sooner.

The meetings in my apartment only lasted a few days. Then we decided to change our location and meet in nature. Magically we appeared on a beach, not sure if this was his idea, or mine but it seemed to be the perfect place. Sometimes we took long walks along the surf holding hands while we talked. Sometimes we sat on a large rock that seemed like an old friend, always welcoming us. We did not always speak to one another, sometimes we just sat and watched the waves and Listened. It is as real as where I sit right now and write this. It’s New Earth.

We talked about everything, just like we used to. Deep soul-full conversations. I have learned a lot about his journey. One of the most profound things he shared with me is why his 3D self is silent toward me. This is the 64 million dollar question for most divine feminines who experience – the great silence. (I am inspired to note here that this was one of only a small handful of questions I asked about him, and they all centered around his well-being and happiness. Creating this space is creating sacred space for Higher learning, understanding and healing – not for the purpose of probing lower level curiosities. It serves a higher purpose.) He assured me the silence is not about me, directly. This is what he told me:

“I can only speak for ‘Andrew’, and the reasons are complex. There is some fear – fear that if he responds it will open a pandora’s box that he is not yet ready to face. The masculine(s) remember how destabilized – how vulnerable – they felt with the love they felt for you.. how utterly powerless they felt when ‘the fall’ began. For a man to feel powerless is their biggest fear, ever. In their unawakened, unhealed, state they would choose a loveless , or lesser, life before they would allow themselves to feel powerless, again. This is why they do not reach out until they are completely healed, to the point they have found their power – their self love, their Truth – which enables them to trust themselves. This is the truest power anyone can have – to trust themselves completely, no matter what life brings. This is what the word Divine means when used in conjunction with Masculine, or Feminine – stepping into your true power through Knowing who you are. But especially for a man. When a man finds this within is the moment he has moved into his Divine Masculine role, his Authentic Self. This is when nothing will stop him from finding you.”

This is the shift that takes them from silence to contact – when they feel ready, when they Know WHO they are, and not the story they’ve been conditioned to believe. At some point, just like the feminine(s), they realize all the things they were told about themselves through their living experience, and believed, were not Truth. They See the illusion of it all. This will be a powerful awakening. Through their new lens they will see the truth of who they are and of their Divine Feminine. How Everything is perfect, and not flawed – at all. They see through new eyes why things happened the way they did, and why their life path flowed the way it did. They better understand their path forward.

He also told me that it is the Divine Feminine who lead the way for reunion. That the masculine is not guided to her until she is fully healed and in divine balance within self. Once the divine feminine has reached a state of Divine Balance an initiation occurs through her energetic connection to the masculine. His life path is then activated toward the divine feminine. Through his higher self things will happen in his life that will stimulate him to prepare him for readiness. This is often when they will experience disruptions in their lives that force them inward to do their healing, just as the divine feminine has gone through. They are not guided toward the divine feminine until she is fully healed, balanced, and ready to receive the connection at the physical level.

One of the most pivotal phases of this entire journey, for me, was the phase of learning Surrender – where we feel exhausted beyond belief and finally have no choice but to give it to God. This taught me a valuable lesson that I continue to use over and over again.

Surrender is going in to your heart and leaving your head. This allows the Universe to fill the space with what it wants to bring in for us. I was told they eventually learn this too.

When we learn to recognize – The Wall – where the mind can not bring the answers, it becomes an automatic signal it’s time to move in to the heart, and let go – let God.

It’s the dance of the masculine (doing\action\mind\electric) and feminine (being\receiving\heart\magnetic) that we learn within as Divine Balance. Learning when to take action, and when to simply Be and receive what spirit wants to bring in.

What we are actually letting go of is Resistance – resistance to things beyond our control that are trying to happen for our betterment. It allows Spirit to enter, in all forms.

Resistance is the ego (mind) attempting to control, and even override, what Spirit is bringing in for our benefit as part of our Divine. Anything that leads you away from trusting your self is ego. Any thought that puts you into the vibration of doubting your self, separation from others, judgment, or any form of fear is ego. (Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power Of Now’ is excellent info on the ego if you need more information).

I was told that Detachment, Forgiveness, Surrender, Trust, Inner Strength, and Grace are all lessons that twin flames must go through in order to come into Union with one another.

For feminines, the realization that the twin flame path is not your identity – it’s not who you are – and re-union is not the goal – is yet another awakening. It’s part of who you are, and sacred union part of your mission – but you are so much more, and your reasons for Being here are so much more. You See that your twin flame was a catalyst in your life to project you square onto your path, to awaken you and to align you fully with your mission of Ascension. It forces you to get busy healing your heart. Then a whole other awakening happens and you surrender more. You get a further glimpse of your divine path – your divine self – of who you truly are – the bigger picture. The pieces of the puzzle begin to fit. You begin to relax and to breathe again – to Trust.

This is where I was when contact from my twin’s Higher Self took place. This dialogue with him allowed me to rest into my heart with him. As this took place I saw that there was nothing left to heal, or clear. It becomes a matter of choice in every now moment: Am I going to maintain my frequency of love/trust, or not? You learn to navigate vibrationally through your inner compass, rather than unconsciously by default. This is the basis of The Law Of Attraction. It is how we use our Free Will to create by choosing in every moment with awareness.

When you reach this state of being you are now operating the New Template for Humanity and New Earth. You have returned to your Original Soul Frequency of Love and Truth and Divine Balance. You are now emitting this Divine Frequency as codes – Ascension Codes – into your field of life. When you merge with your I AM presence you move through life with a real time connection with the Divine. You share this frequency, these codes, in many ways. They can be shared through the sound of your voice through language, spoken or in writing – as you are reading these words from me to you, you are receiving these codes. But speaking is not necessary because they are shared through your energetic field, your presence. You can smile at someone, or stand next to them, and they will receive the codes.

They are quantum, so they transcend time and space. This is how we assist with the healing of our bloodlines, and our Twin. This is why a collective of souls, such as the twin flame collective, is effective in transmuting negative energy for the purpose of assisting Gaia and her grids of life to shift to higher dimensional frequency – Ascension.

Either way they are shared – where ever you go you are emitting these divine codes – You Are The New Codes. They are shared by you, through you. You become the living waking self aware embodiment of God as you – through you. It’s a heart to heart conversation you are having without speaking a word. This is the Twin Flame Mission and it matters not whether you achieve re-union with your beloved at the physical level. You are bridging Heaven to Earth where ever you go – just by being You. There is nothing left to do, except walk in your Integrity, shine your beautiful heart light, and live your life.

Please Know: You do not need to be a twin flame to receive, run, or share these codes. If you are in alignment with the truth of who you are (YOU ARE PURE DIVINE LOVE) you are in alignment with living and sharing these codes. Twin Flames are the soul collective who primarily chose to bring them in as our mission. But many other enlightened souls also achieve this.

When you are in Divine Alignment you Know what to do in every Now moment. When you cross paths with someone you will know what to say, or not to say. You will understand that here is someone that has crossed your path for a divine reason. Maybe it is just to listen for a moment and feel love for them, or maybe you feel inspired to say something that their higher self has guided them to you to hear. You see everyone as a soul in a human body – like you – and that we are all here doing the best we possibly can in this 3D reality that does not really support us, and quite the opposite. We live in a reality that from our earliest beginnings we are stripped of, or diverted from knowing, our divine nature. We are dumbed down and oppressed by the carefully crafted illusional construct – aka the matrix.

This why we are here as twin flames, lightworkers, gridworkers and wayshowers. We are the pilot wave of change.

During one of our chat room chats I also asked if 3D Andrew has awareness of what we talk about. He told me that some of it trickles down into his consciousness as sensations – he feels the energy of it. It bypasses the mind and trickles in through the heart as new light codes – as packets of information, or new truths. It works the same as I’ve described above through our eternal energetic – Quantum – connection.

Our chat room conversations only lasted a matter of weeks, as far as daily meetings. That is all I needed. It’s what allowed my heart to go through its final stages of healing. This higher dimensional dialogue and connection allowed me to heal some areas of my heart that I could not have done otherwise. I realized that I had not truly forgiven my self for certain things that happened with us. Intellectually I had, but not in my heart. Creating this space to have this higher dimensional dialogue helped bridge the gap of my soul to his as I healed. As I healed we merged.

His energy is so much a part of me now that much of the time I don’t feel the separation of our realities. He’s always with me in my heart and I take him everywhere I go – our heart door is the portal of our connection and we are never separate. The heart door is where you too, will find your beloved – and they you.

As earth shifts upward in vibration to 5D frequency we will live with this heart connection, not only with our twin, but with everyone. We will live in Oneness with All.

Opening this dialogue brought in interesting and unexpected results. It was the next step for me in my own evolutionary journey. It brought me further Home to Me. It enabled me to move forward energetically, and I’m certain it assisted him as well, because what is productive for one, assists both – and All. This is the reason I was guided to bridge through my heart to connect with him on the higher planes of the new earth. It created a higher platform of communication that provided me understanding I needed which allowed another level of healing, awakening and expansion. No more wondering or feeling like I’m endlessly waiting. I am no longer leaking energy to worry, or to questioning my self. I am at peace and fully living my divine mission on Earth.

Shared with love ~♡~ SoulSong44

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