ASCENSION PROTOCOLS -Primary Contracts Removal

The following is an excerpt from notes taken by Felipe at the April 14-15, 2018 CoBra Ascension Conference in Budapest. It is crucial now that we decree ourselves free of contracts we were required to sign in order to participate in physical form here on Earth. Upon repeating this decree I noticed an immediate shift in my energy. I will continue to repeat it 3x morning and evening until I feel completely clear of this energetic influence. Follow your guidance as to what is right for you. SoulSong~

“To come here you had to accept terms with the dark forces. An agreement that your consciousness will be limited and programmed. You have all signed this, but we have arrived to a moment of free will where we can choose to cancel them.Those of you who have attacks have contracts from the past, if you cancel these contracts, attacks will stop.”

-Primary Contracts Removal Decree

In the name of my soul,
in the name of the Light Forces [God],
I cancel and nullify all and any past agreements and contracts with the dark forces.
All dark contracts are now [cancelled], regardless of their content, regardless of my subconscious programs,
and with my free will,
I now declare myself free from those contracts,
and from all influences of the dark forces.
And now I decree full conscious cooperation between me and the Light Forces.
I know decree and I command, that my life be guided in full alignment with the divine plan,
I decree miracles to be manifested in my life,
in a way that will manifest happiness for me and for everybody involved.
So be it and so it is.

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