Part II: Unpacking & guessing our way to ascension ~Sophia

June 28 2018


“…We are all “best guessing” our way to Ascension….The only way for us to proceed, and that seems clear and necessary, is one led by an open heart, wide eyes and a willingness to both leave things behind and follow where they take you….

What’s here for us now is the letting go. The unpacking of earthly 3D things and strings and ties that bind you here….It works faster and you are oh so much lighter on your feet if you let go of stuff weighing you down.

Start with the mirrors. Let go of every judgment or insult or blame or fault or reason or excuse or doubt or angry condemnation found there….Trust in love as a force that propels you forward and allow. It will move you as nothing else ever has. It will take you beyond anything that keeps you rooted to your habits of hatred.

There is nothing else or anyone else that will supply the fuel for this current journey. It’s always been love and you’ve always been its source….”

Complete article:




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