OP’s/ Agents/ Organic & Synthetic Soulless Portals/Handlers/Sleeping Souls/Awakened Souls

September 18 2018 :: Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D

Note from Soulsong~

This subject is something I have been observing for several years. I believe it to be connected to, or an explanation of, Narcissism. Narcissism is rampant on our planet. The very nature of a narcissist is that there is a disconnect, or absence, of heart consciousness. They are literally unable to Feel, and why they cause so much suffering in others. As Aluna describes, though she does not use the term Narcissism, organic portals are low vibrational energy, so much so that they do become portals for even lower (dark) energy and entities – or demonic possession. I have seen this countless times in my life including with my own mother, and a sister – who are both narcissists. There is a lot of information about narcissism now as awareness grows. Once I have identified a person as a narcissist, or an organic portal, I limit my time and exposure to them, because they do seek to harm. Awareness is key. If you handle them with awareness they cannot disempower you.

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