The GoldFish Report No. 274 Saint Germain: WE HAVE ALREADY WON

September 24 2018 :: The GoldFish Report

On The GoldFIsh Report No 274 Scott Werner returns to the GoldFish Report with a message from Saint Germain that “We have Already Won” the battle of Good Versus Evil. Scott explains that we are increasing our Telepathic abilities and that we are becoming powerful human beings. Scott states that we need to stay in the ‘Positive” energy and not the Chaotic energy of the media consciousness, which is being projected on us through AI. Scott also explains that via vaccinations we have received nano-implants that we can over come if we go within ourselves. Scott and Winston encourage us to seek the ‘Peace of Christ Consciousness” rather than the chaos that isn’t real, but which is a program. Winston also talks about The Great Void which is the realm of all possibilities of manifestation that simply awaits our intention and emotion to manifest the reality we choose. If humanity can do this together we will change our world, and that is the secret of the dark and why they have kept us divided for so long. Scott give us advice on how to Unplug from this programmed chaotic media consciousness and expand Love in our bodies. We can transmute the dark with Love energy and we can time travel to heal past wounds using our multi-dimensional bodies. A very powerful message and a message of hope indeed.


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