TF Union Is NUCLEAR: PhD Physicist Explains TF Bond, Separation, Runners :: Twin Flames Truth

October 19 2018 :: Twin Flames Truth

I have described many times that the twin flame energy when you are together is a 10 on the Richter scale – the scale that measures earthquakes. The energy that presents with your divine other, is an indicator of where you each are on the inside of you – you mirror this to one another. For unhealed/non-clear twins this energy is explosive and unmanageable, and why separation is necessary. The period of separation is what allows for further awakening to the truth of who you are – Love. It gives you time and space apart to clear and stabilize your inner field – your heart – of distortions you took on as truth, but that are not truth. It assists you to find your balance within, your individual masculine/feminine energies – when to give and when to recieve. This process fine tunes, or tempers, your energy as self and moves you to a place of zero point within. This entire process creates the frequency for Union, because it is then, and only then, that the energy is harmonious and manageable when you are brought together. You are conscious of  the dance of the energies between – You and You.  You each then, have the gift to dance the dance with one another.



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