11.11 Twin Flame Portal & Evolution of Channeling :: THE QUANTUM SOUL

November 7 2018 :: The Quantum Soul — Jess & Abe

11.05-11.11 Twin flame portal of energy (‘Portal’ and ‘Energy wave’ are basically the same for me. I see it more as a “portal” rather than a wave of energy, but both are the same.) Culmination of energy on 11.11. Activations for twin flames to energetically prepare heart for reunion. Energy to help release what does not serve you in order to receive higher energy of twin flame. Opening strong love and oneness energy. For non-twin flames, this portal is strongly activating the heart, for you to connect to your inner heart to establish more love and oneness within yourself. 11.11 energy portal available to help assist you in remembering who you are and what your purpose and mission is on the planet during this time.

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