Energy Update 1/17. Pole Shift. Magnetic Sun 2021 :: Aluna Ash 9D

1.17.2019 :: Aluna Ash- 9D


If you didn’t see the community tab section where I mentioned a wave coming- there’s a wave coming. After the Total Lunar Eclipse but some may feel it now or sooner.
Ill talk more about the Feb & March activations & shifts coming soon.
The closer we get to the new galactic year (end of July 2019) which is a DF magnetic charge, the more the poles will shift. The new galactic year of the divine feminine for the first time since the fall of Atlantis.

When Mars conjuncts Uranus in early Feb… its a big deal- integration.

Try not to feed into the drama that “the world’s going to end” or “what are they not telling us” or “elites are planning..” That’s how the matrix stays in place. We are going forwards not backwards. People will start getting activated and remember. They don’t really have a choice, the frequency is Shifting whether people like it or not. More people will start feeling and some will start seeing these energy waves and having the awareness of what’s taking place more and more. If you can see energy, you can see the waves coming in and they are rainbow colored it’s like a mist almost in the air. Some people will start seeing this more with the sky first the sky will look multicolored or just different- rainbow-ish. These are the energy waves. I love you guys, thank you for all the support.


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