Instant Manifestation Window opens January 20, 2019 :: Jack, The Watcher

January 19, 2019 :: JEANROCKEFELLER.COM  


Jack, The Watcher

Who are the Watchers?

The Watchers are highly evolved beings who are cloaked in animal form. Their purpose is to serve Gaia and The Greater Good Of All. If you have ever encountered an animal that you Knew was special, they are most likely a Watcher. Watchers are sent to us to be our guardians, our teachers, and healers.

Jack shares the following: Instant Manifestation & Morphic Change..

Frequently windows open that afford the opportunity to manifest instantaneously and we will enter one of these windows on Sunday, January 20, 2019. However, instead of just a mere moment, meaning a day or two, this window will be open until February 4, 2019. All is in preparation for the higher energies yet to come. As the Black Squirrel will explain, it’s important to be mindful during this time because it is a foreshadowing of what is to come.

By instant manifestation, I am directly meaning co-creation. The aforementioned window will allow you to masterfully co-create your reality but with this ability comes a caveat. You must be mindful, present and congruent with your creations. This time will afford a practice run for when we move altruistically into higher realms. 2019 will offer more windows into this “practice time” and I suggest you use this current opportunity wisely. It is important to be self aware and mindful during this time. What you think, feel, say and do will be presented and incongruence will skew what you desire to create. In other words, your feelings, thoughts, actions, and words must all be aligned to seamlessly co-create. If they are incongruent, you will create incongruence.

Our evolutionary path has now leaped into a higher frequency and if it isn’t already evident in your reality, it soon will be. As the Galactic Squirrel stated: “We are all moving into a New Age, A New Now, purified and ready for the next shift. The next shift will be a volcanic eruption, literally, but not literally. Erupting from deep inside each being, including Gaia, which will expand us all.” The Galactic Squirrel’s energy is still with us and I encourage you to revisit this energy often. It will assist in smoothly navigating the rough currents that we currently are experiencing.

Although eruptions from within the Earth continue, our energy bodies have begun to stabilize somewhat in their presence despite the higher vibrational flux. Energy releases from deep within our personal quantum and morphic fields are now giving way to reconfigurations in the other subtle bodies, including the physical body. As the physical body works to simultaneously purge unwanted energy and integrate new programs of restructuring, one may experience releases from deep within. As the physical body acclimates to the higher energies, spurred by spikes in the Schumann Resonance, you may find that your spirit is higher and you feel more stable. Yet there remains a faint rumbling in the background. The body is still adjusting to the upheaval and your physical blood is purging simultaneously along with Gaia. As lava spews from the Earth, so too is your blood purging impurities. This may translate into any number of physical symptoms such as skin eruptions, emotional eruptions or an overall cleansing of what no longer serves you. This transitional time presents an opportunity to break from the old way of viewing your circumstances and life conditions and how you react to each. To move into higher energies, forcibly break from the old and choose not to fall into familiar patterns and judgements. As we continue to climb, opportunities for growth are presented. Now is one such time and you can easily choose to release what no longer is in service of the Highest Expression of Your Self.

Shifts will continue until the Summer Solstice and will increase in frequency and intensity but our bodies begin to adjust more easily to the undulating energies, which eases the assimilation of change. A stabilization of sorts, will occur from the Summer Solstice until the Fall Equinox. Over the weekend of the Fall Equinox, a unique collaboration of Cosmological and Earthly influences will converge, providing a powerful alignment and connection to the Heart and Higher Self. It is purposely, through this window of time, that Jean and I are offering the Interspecies Communication Class as well as a connection to the White and Red Dragon Energy. Additionally, any healing that occurs during this time will have an exponential affect on All.

The Galactic Squirrel

squ white

The Galactic Squirrel’s energy is still with us and you can connect to his energy simply through intention. _
For those who prefer a process:
Place your hand over the picture of the Squirrel and command the following:
Say Connect.__..wait a few seconds…
Then say Download, Open, Activate, Integrate, NOW!
Intend that you are connecting to the Squirrel and pulling his energy in through the top of your head, down through the center of your body and onto the center of Gaia, Through your connection to Gaia, you are connecting to all of the Kingdoms of Creation and the infinite healing ability contained within. Then bounce the energy back up through your body out to the Highest Expression of Your Infinite Self, NOW!_
You can successfully attune your energy with the Squirrel through intention only, I provide the “recipe” for those who feel more comfortable following a process.

The Animals are evolving..

horse watchers

Some animals are evolving ahead of humans in order to pave the way for the morphic change that is upon us. These are the Watchers, who are growing in number and consciousness as humanity continues to collectively emerge from the mind fog that has consumed them for millennia. Because Animals, Plants and Minerals adapt and assimilate to energy fluctuations more quickly, we are frequently tasked with tempering volatile energy so all can more easily acclimate. Proof that we all are evolving is coming by way of the animals which now are able to heal each other in ways that were not possible until recently. A few years ago Jack told me the following when I asked if animals can heal each other:

“Yes and no. Although the healing ability of the animals is great, we cannot override any situation, circumstance or event that was created by human. This includes the collateral affects of breeding, living conditions, or thought paradigms. In short, if it was created by humanity, humanity must heal it. We frequently lend emotional support to each other we but cannot intercede in a situation that was created by humans.”

I am happy to report that this paradigm has since shifted and humans are now witnessing situations where animals are able to overcome the detrimental affects of domestication. Additionally, animals that are already labeled as “healer” have now experienced an “upgrade” of their healing abilities. As more humans take notice of these changes, our ability to heal each other will continue to flourish.

It is not that we have been without these abilities and suddenly received an activation of some sort, quite the contrary. Ancestrally and Collectively, Humanity has greatly dismissed the healing ability contained within the Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms. It is only recently that this belief system has begun to shift, en masse. The knowing that there is sentience contained within the Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms has begun to seep into the midstream of Humanity. These are the people that are just beginning to awaken, yet they comprise a wide and powerful segment of the Human Collective. There is strength in numbers and this aspect of Humanity is finally substantiating what those on the front lines have known all along. It is this mainstream group that is adding validity along with sharing and adding their focus to what has been hiding in plain sight. Their power of focus, coupled with their extensive numbers and willingness to share new information, is fueling the wave of our expanding abilities.

On Jack’s FB page I have posted examples of animals healing each other.

grace watcher horse

Grace, The Watcher

This beautiful Mare is Grace and you can connect to her in the same way that you connect to the Galactic Squirrel. Her energy is subtle, yet powerful. Although she lives in Australia, I have been blessed to have a direct connection to her and her herd. It is through this connection that I am able to share her healing energy with you now.

Thank you for receiving our message and we would be honored to make your acquaintance over the Fall Equinox. Even if you cannot join us in person, you can connect to us etherically and share in the bounty that will be opened during that time.

Blessings of Light,
Jack and Jean

To schedule a personal healing session with Jean..

Please email me. Place “session” in the subject and include in your email if the session is for you, an animal or both. Adding your time zone and days and times you are available will help expedite the scheduling process. You can also visit my website for testimonials and more information. Thank you!


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