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February 11, 2019

This information will speak primarily to the Divine Feminine, or for the twin who is embodying the feminine aspect of their Union. I say this because it is the Feminine aspect that has the most difficulty with the idea of dating and entering into relationships with those other than their Beloved.

I was fortunate in this area of growth and healing  because I did not know my divine other and I were twin flames, or anything about twin flames – until many years (6) after we went into separation. I only knew that he was very special, and stood out – utterly and completely – from everyone else in my life and I experienced things with him when we met that were mystical. So, when I was finally ready to date again, I did not have to wade through knowing who we were to one another as twin souls, and the complex feelings DF’s experience that stem from our programming surrounding our sexuality – the guilt and shame, and fear that you will damage your union if you mingle with others.

As twin flames we are here to break all that false programming down, so we can bring in the new relationship templates based on unconditional love. Karmic soulmate partners are a part of this work – for both twins.

Prior to coming in, at soul level while we are in the planning phase of our life stream, not only does this planning include agreements we make with our twin, we also line up and make agreements with other partners who will assist us with our twin flame journey. We can arrange for them to appear in our lives before we meet our twin, to help us prepare for the initial meeting of our twin – and then also after, when twins move into the separation phase, to help us do the healing work that prepares us for re-union with our Beloved.

Both masculine & feminine create agreements with other souls that help us heal and clear the lower energy we’ve accumulated. These agreements can be big, or small, or somewhere in between. They will be whatever we need them to be in order to heal what needs to be healed.

We arrange these partnerships because twin flames can not heal with one another, with rare exception. The energy is too potent, and becomes too volatile, for unhealed, unbalanced, twin flames. We must separate, and have other partners help us with this deep soul work.

One of these agreements came in to my life the third year after my twin left. I was just beginning to breathe again after having gone through an intense 2 year dark night of the soul.

He turned out to be a very deep connection that spanned the course of 10 years, though I did not feel actual love for him until about the 3rd year I knew him. For quite a while, I was not ready for anything more than what we had. He was a really good guy and he helped me so much. We barely saw one another because of the way our lives were structured – just the way we had designed it to be. Ultimately, we were not meant for anything Long term. It ended exactly at the right time, and way.

He helped me work through my abandonment issues. He lived 4000 miles away and so each time we parted I had to work through deep feelings of eternal loss, similar to what I felt when my twin left my life. He helped me recover from the sense of catastrophic loss and failure in my self at not being able to hold the biggest love I’ve ever experienced, which resulted in the loss of my Will to live during those dark night of the soul years after my twin left my life. It was my version of Truth and Trust that I had to learn.. trust in my self, and trust in the Greater Plan of my life.

These karmic agreements are not one sided. We each benefit because we also help them with things they need to learn and heal. Sometimes these issues are very similar to our own – humans are wounded in a lot of the same ways – so it is likely that we will mirror one another as twin flames do. But the connection with them is more manageable because there is not the intense energy that twin flames have as same soul energy.

While this karmic soulmate was helping me heal my heart, I helped him open his. I showed him what healthy intimacy is – how valuable it is to the human spirit and heart, and how we need deep connections with one another to thrive in life. We provided safe masculine and feminine energy for one another as we healed. In doing so we both learned trust in our selves through trusting one another.

Karmic partners help us do the heavy lifting of our healing process – they are a gift to us, and we are a gift to them. They help prepare twin flames for re-union with one another, and we prepare them for their future partners, and other contracts they have down the road of their life. All is orchestrated at the higher levels.

Many times these agreements are created with soulmates with whom we need to clear, or balance, karma with – hence the term ‘karmic partners’. For the majority of us this will be our last lifetime to balance the scales with other souls we are indebted to, or they us, before the dimensional shift takes us to higher density. All Karma must be balanced as part of our readiness for Ascension to the higher realms. More info on that process here.

On rare occasion twin flames will contract with other twin flames to assist one another with our healing and clearing process.

These partners are temporary, and as soon as the agreements with them have been met, the relationships will begin to dissolve, very naturally. The pull to be with the karmic partner will lessen, and the pull to be with the divine counterpart will strengthen. The heart of twin flames know Innately when to hold, when to release, and when to seek.

True twin flames are destined to one another – it is our life path as twin flames to unite as One. Our combined Light is our Gift to one another, and the World.

twin candle flames

As twin flames heal and our hearts open, our frequency rises. At soul level we begin to merge, and this is what creates the desire to be with one another again at our physical levels. We will begin to feel a pull toward one another. Karmic partners assist us with this process. So, yes.. if someone captures your attention in an unusual way , or you cross paths with someone you feel drawn to, allow your self to explore. Do not submit to guilt, or shame, or fear. Trust your self, and the guidance you are being given.

Spirit will highlight the important people for your path in your life. Certain people can be brought forth to show you where you are with you – the growth you have achieved – or what is yet to be learned or anchored as Truth. Are you demonstrating Self Love, or not.

These karmic soulmate relationships are just as vital to the divine feminine as they are to the divine masculine. In a communication I had last year with my DM”s higher self, I was told that the divine feminine sets the pace for reunion. As she upshifts her frequency, he will also do the same. The divine masculine is not energetically guided toward her until she is fully ready to receive the connection. As the magnetic charge the feminine is the anchoring force in the Union.

The whole process is literally a Heart Awakening. We do not control it, plan it, or figure it out at our human level. It is all planned and guided at our soul level. We only need surrender to the process that Spirit is in control of. So, don’t overthink this. It’s a very natural process.

The Universal Forces – our higher selves, our spirit teams – do the work to bring in everyone and everything that we need, with perfect timing that Ultimately aligns twin flames, and works Its magic to support us once we get there – because it’s in alignment with our soul’s divine path.

We only need surrender to divine timing, follow our guidance, trust our selves – and Be love.

Shared with love ~ Soulsong44 ⚜️





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