Meeting Your True Twin Flame : Signs

When True Twin Flames are brought together there are strong energetics that take place that are unmistakable markers – they are not ambiguous, at all.  They will bring about strong feelings you have Never experienced with anyone else, and never will. Only with our twin flame as – same soul energy – do we experience these energetics.

While it is true that every person we meet is a new experience, and meeting a soul mate can feel special – meeting your twin flame and Everything you experience with them will be charged with an energy that is unique to the two of you – each Twin Flame pair have their own unique energetic markers.

1] Their energy may begin to visit you before you meet:

  • You may begin to experience dreams about them; an unknown person who brings in strong storylines and feelings to your dream space – dreams you remember forever without journaling them.
  • If your twin is somehow connected to a person or people around you, those people will carry your twin’s energy signature if they talk about your twin – you will get a strange feeling if your twin is talked about by other people, even though you’ve not met your twin.
  • You could also feel a presence that someone is with you in quiet moments, even though you will not know ‘who’ this presence is. It will feel very familiar and comforting.

2] The Eyes: When you visually see one another, and look into each other’s eyes, it will be a profound experience. It will have an effect on you that is unparalleled by any other experience – ever. Looking into their eyes, and they yours, is an activation of recognition – soul to soul – soul seeing self. You will feel as though they can see your depths, and you theirs. You may feel never before experienced levels of self awareness as this recognition takes place.

3] There will be a lot of energy. You will feel things you can’t explain. There can be a sense of panic as you attempt to understand what is happening.

4] You will feel a deep sense of love for them the moment you see them – love that surpasses anything you’ve ever felt before – even for your children. As you get to know them you will love Everything about them – even their faults, if you even see them as faults.

5] They will feel like Home. You will feel innately safe with this person. They will feel Very familiar – like you’ve Known them Forever. There will be a strong sense of belonging. You will experience a strong magnetic pull toward them immediately.  Your mind will race to understand this.

6] There will be a sense of Euphoria.

7] Your life will feel instantly different, and you know it will never be the same. You will suddenly feel as though every moment of your life has lead you to meet this person at this very moment. There will be sudden clarity about your life’s path and that it includes this person you’ve just met.

8] You may experience something that feels like a whirlpool of energy around the two of you and missing time when you have your first conversations with them.

9] You will meet them in unusual and unexpected ways.

10] They stand apart – utterly and completely – from everyone else in your life. It will seem as though your life has gone from black and white to Blue Ray High Definition Technicolor. This is due to the twin flame 12 chakra system activations that take place when you meet.

11] You will find their energy very healing to your body, mind, heart and soul. You will feel a soul-sigh as if Finally, here is the person you Knew existed.

12] Intimacy: You will share untold depths of intimacy, easy and natural. You will feel an inherent sense of trust with them, and you will share deeply with one another – like you’ve never shared with anyone. Conversations will last for hours and hours. You will share Everything with them. When they speak you will listen, deeply. You will feel a deep sense of connection and compassion for the trials they have experienced. Twins often discover that they have experienced similar things in life, if not identical. This deep sharing with one another begins your healing process.

13] The sound of their voice will activate your chakras.

14] You will be consumed by them, and want to know every detail of their life. When you spend time with them you are very present – in the moment – with them. There is nowhere you would rather Be.

15] The passion and love-making will be a euphoric and profound experience – unparalleled by anything you’ve ever experienced before. It will be a very Spiritual – a transcendent – experience that can last for hours.

16] Seeing repeating number sequences before, during, and after you meet them, such as 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 44 & 444,  144, 12:21, 818, 717, etc. Numbers in general will begin to bring significance and synchronicity. They can be numbers specifically synchronistic to you and your twin. Either way, they are awakening codes.

17] All of this will be mutually experienced. The feminine aspect being more attuned to her life experience through the upper chakras will experience the connection in more of a Spiritual way. The masculine aspect being more grounded and attuned to his life experience through the lower chakras will experience the connection in more of a primal/physical way. Both will feel the Uniqueness of the experience.

It is very common that twin flames do not know anything about twin flames when they meet.


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