Three for Thursday : Schrodinger’s OTHER Cat

Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat Ready?     The Starliner THIS… is just *one* ET craft (we’re calling it The Starliner). Those aren’t individual SpaceX satellites. They wish. Like any group of launched satellites would keep that straight line. Ridiculous. Those are windows. Try experimenting with your abilities: Choose one window and go up to it and … Continue reading Three for Thursday : Schrodinger’s OTHER Cat

1111 Cosmic Light Wave : 444 Light Body Activation

awakening5dhealing We are going in deep friends. The world is polarising, separating according to density of frequency. Some will remain in their memory loops, locked into denial, demonic possession or spiritual ego. Others will soar in the cosmic lightwave energies coming through. Those who are experiencing the full power of the current light wave are … Continue reading 1111 Cosmic Light Wave : 444 Light Body Activation

Yet Another Time Jump (YATJ)

Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat anomaly, disclosure, ETs, meterage, the event, timeline jumpage, ufo, wave x, YATJ YATJ #56 For those feeling a bit groggy this morning… we’ve had Yet Another Timeline Jump (YATJ). And considering all the military planes flying over our houses this morning, we’re guessing something’s up, somewhere. Anyway, here’s the jump: Looks like a … Continue reading Yet Another Time Jump (YATJ)

Gateway Pundit, ZeroHedge, 5-26-19… “NATIONALISTS WIN: Salvini…, Le Pen…, Farage…, Tarczynski… Smash Globalist Elites in EU Elections”


Kauilapele's Blog

The “Trump effect” appears to be in full movement in Europe, with countries’ voters moving towards nationalism (people and individual country oriented) rather than globalism (global elite, NWO type oriented), presuming these reports are correct.

I’m placing links and a highlight or two from each, as well as links to a couple videos I viewed which were my first indications that something significant was happening / has happened in Europe.

NATIONALISTS WIN: Salvini from Italy, Le Pen from France. Farage in UK, Tarczynski in Poland Smash Globalist Elites in EU Elections

“Nationalist Matteo Salvini’s ENF Party was the number one party in the EU elections in Italy. Marine le Pen’s ENF Party was the number one party in France in the EU Elections. And Nigel Farage and his six-week-old Brexit Party crushed the competition in Great Britain.

“[Tweet from Candace Owens] A global mass awakening is happening and…

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Meterage for 5-23-19 [UPDATE1]

Schrodinger's OTHER Cat Ugh. This sums up the latest energy bash… …as well as the recent comments kerfuffle. Anyway, onward. Wave X is alive and well and smacking into us more and more. We were told that this is a cross between an energy suppression, an ascension boost, and a timeline jump. This CME showed … Continue reading Meterage for 5-23-19 [UPDATE1]