How To Survive the SHIFT (the Final Act of The Event)


We’ve said all this before, but it bears restatement (see what we did there?)… though this time we’re gonna paraphrase what Spirit said through one of Laura Anne Whitworth’s recent clients, (provided Laura Anne doesn’t mind) as it’s the latest version — which may change.

Anyway, The SHIFT (which is the denouement of The Event) is getting close, so let’s go over this once more so it’s in the back of your mind; you might then be able to help others who may be confused.


Don’t panic. We’re not sure from whence The SHIFT will occur (from inside yourself? outside yourself? both?), but when it gets to you, YOU WILL KNOW. It will be like a big bright rolling wave that will pass through your body.

Those who don’t have enough light within… well, they’re probably not reading this (except for you ‘intelligence’ agency folks)… but if so, you will just transition elsewhere and get further instructions. No running with scissors. Void where prohibited. Your future may vary — a lot.

For those aspiring to the New Earth, do this once the Wave reaches you:

1. Breathe. Open yourself up.

2. Accept what’s happening. (“Ok. Here we go.”)

3. It’ll feel like getting into a hot bath that’s way too hot, but you need it to be hot. There may be a slight pinch, no biggie. This light passing through your body is light that comes from SOURCE. It’s a good thing. (“Hello, SOURCE!”)

5. Know that everything’s going to be ok. All are being provided for (pets included). There may be a little pinch, but then you’re done. BREATHE the energy in and think “SOURCE”. Believe it or not, SOURCE misses you terribly. It’s not here to punish. It is literally LOVE.

6. Read #5 again. Think of it as a giant LOVE hug.

7. If you do not understand what’s happening with your body, you will be taken out of your body right away. Your soul (which is the tiny part of your larger spirit that’s “in” your body) will leave your body and be routed where it needs to go. In a few cases, some will stay on 3d, to help those who may be left on 3d.

8. If you do accept the light, in one swift move you will be on the New Earth. POOF!

9. SOURCE is doing all this with “Divine Timing.” Ready or not.

10. Relax. You’ve actually done this before.

Is that it?


THEN… you will become…

Now think: “This is a good look for me.”


1. The SHIFT is Gaia moving from this earth to the New Earth. The 3d earth will then either have another (younger) spirit move in, or it will take some time, we’re not sure. Also note that it is taking place across the entire omniverse, not just here. We’re unsure if it happens everywhere at once, or is a wave that’s faster than light… but we’re gonna find out.

2. YES, your pet is probably going with you — except in the cases where your pet has volunteered to be of use to someone else, somewhere else.

3. When will this happen? We have no idea, so please don’t ask. It could be tomorrow. It could be in six months. It could be in ten years. It could be that we will need lots of kleenex ’cause we don’t wanna wait ten years.

4. In the meantime, avoid the fear merchants. If someone online, or anywhere else, makes fear statements about this or anything… turn ’em off. Fear is no longer required. Go with your gut. You KNOW when something’s bothering you. Respect the hunch.

5. Meditate more, surf less.

6. Atlantis? Who cares.

7. NO, you don’t need to pay anyone to get wherever you need to be. If you just found this site… meditate. If you don’t know how… learn.

8. Will those going to the New Earth need to have all their “karmic debt” repaid… no. Karma is a 3d thing. At the next level of SCHOOL (this is all about education), you will leave 3d behind… and probably not think about it much, again.

9. What else?


Ready for the New Earth.


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