Three for Thursday : Schrodinger’s OTHER Cat

Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat





The Starliner

THIS… is just *one* ET craft (we’re calling it The Starliner). Those aren’t individual SpaceX satellites. They wish. Like any group of launched satellites would keep that straight line. Ridiculous.

Those are windows. Try experimenting with your abilities: Choose one window and go up to it and LOOK INSIDE.

Now look at this.

The Balloon

One of the CATs was looking up what kind of plane some other CATs were going to be flying on this past weekend, hoping all 737 MAXs had indeed been grounded (they have been)… and this popped up: a (then) live glance at FlightRadar 24, out of the blue, showing all planes in flight at that moment… Ok, what’s that?

A balloon?

We didn’t photoshop that in. That’s a software element. Then we clicked on it:


There is no flight number N105WV. That’s an ET craft. We’re looking into whose it is. It’s hanging out in a kind of “dead zone” for air travel.



The Dream

Some of the CATs (five) had a dream last night that wound up with them walking along with Brother J, like we used to. But at one point, things went city-modern (w/differences across the various dreams), and they left the city and walked toward a high road/low road split (of course, we’ve had this dream before, in different ways). In this one, the low road was a downward-sloped concrete freeway ramp, with vehicles racing along with other vehicles — but they were coming UP THE RAMP, right at the viewers… they instead walked with Brother J toward a high white ridge, which shared a wall with the concrete ramp where the two split, but then the rest of the concrete world dropped away. The white ridge had a flat, wide path across it, all the way across to… somewhere, in the distance. And that’s where they went. Then the CATs awoke (in their various homes, ahem), but noted one last look at something that was just materializing. Here’s ~AM’s description of it:

…and I saw green, all kinds of fresh happy green in gentle arcs, circled islands of green at various levels, outlined in gold, in swirls that complemented the contours… and it spread across my vision till that’s all I could see… then the golden contours rose up and became a lion’s head in the green… and then I saw two huge numbers, embossed in the green…

Some CATs have interpreted what ~AM saw as a date… we all did, actually… but it could mean something else, so forgive us if we keep it to ourselves for now. Don’t forget, SOURCE has to pull off The SHIFT with Divine Timing — across the omniverse. Imagine trying to safely orchestrate a single moment not just for your 7.38B brethren in motion, in and around planes trains and automobiles on one planet, but on all the trillions of planets in each of the billions of galaxies in a near-infinite number of universes. And we thought eternal infinity was a toughie.








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