SOURCE Was Here : Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat

Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat

Wes Lavin Photo 32

Don’t know if many humans or low-vibe ETs noticed…

…but SOURCE was “here” this morning, from around 11:00-15:00 UTC. Technically, SOURCE is always here with us, inside us, around us (we’re actually sleeping right now inside SOURCE, to be exact). But if you suddenly experience total stillness and total peace and quiet… THAT’S SOURCE. Those are SOURCE’s natural states. We got that AND bliss-out energy, and… something else, but we want to discuss it, first. Maybe others got something, too.


Anyway, the meters showed this:

Going UP!
Just after 12:00 UTC, see that rainbow spike? THAT’s SOURCE. The red stuff to the right are just advancing zombies here to eat the medulas of the damned. No worries.
And this shows the end of the latest Rip.

And “scientists” …we need to find another name for them, ’cause they aren’t practicing science… shut off the GOES-15 and -14 feeds because they were afraid of the data:

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.32.37 AM
Oooh, scary.

Afraid of data. So sad.

Looking Glass

Ah, now this is most interesting. We don’t talk about this stuff much, because we don’t want ca8al noise to interfere with what we’re doing. As some might know, the ca8al has basically a “future viewer” that they got either from ETs or some genius monk-scientist (both tales exist), but whatever it is, they call it “Looking Glass.” It doesn’t work, anymore. When it did work, they used this thing back in the early ’70s to look ahead at our time today and they saw: WHITENESS. That’s all. Events up to a certain point, then whiteness. Then they had a big meeting.

Rather than change their ways and take the High Road, the PTW assumed (chose, really) that they were not going to “ascend” and instead fully embraced the Low Road. The PTW then agreed to use all of our money to plan and build their little doomsday bunkers for the time after The SHIFT, so they’d be able to burrow into the planet for a time and avoid it, then come out and live like kings of old. This was all assumption and delusion on their part, but it aptly explains every inexplicable construction project on Earth: The Georgia Guidestones, the Denver Airport, the arctic seed vault, the poisoning of the surface population… everything. Other programs were put in place to torture people as much as possible because… well, screw them: if they’re going to ascend well then they can suffer a lot beforehand. Nice plan.

They are reading this post right now.

Well, we have news for them: SOURCE has other plans for you. Makes your PTW blood run cold, right? Well, it shouldn’t. SOURCE is no torturer. SOURCE doesn’t care about Justice. Those are human traits… learned from embracing 3d fear. SOURCE LOVES YOU, YOU IDIOTS. Even when you’re being idiots.

Bottom line: You are not here to live like kings of old. You are here to learn. We all are. And learn you shall. We’re not going into specifics (and we’re not gonna wax ILLUSION), but what happens will definitely NOT be what the PTW expects. Free will dictates a lot of it. And a lot of them feel guilty deep down for what they’ve done, and they feel like they need to suffer horribly for it. What happens will be YOU doing this TO YOURSELF, not SOURCE.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can STOP what you’re doing, right now… and move in a positive direction. It is as simple as that. Just DECIDE to work toward the light. Try it. You really can’t go any lower. But your low road will not be as long, or as low and slow, if you decide to make a fresh start right now. Otherwise… it’s looking like millions of years of pain and suffering.

What’s saddest of all is that the PTW didn’t get to hang out with SOURCE all morning! (SOURCE was there for you, but you didn’t know SOURCE was there.) It was awesome.

Wes Lavin Photo 32
Covered bridge


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