I am an awakened empath and energy sensitive/intuitive. I have been drawn to the healing fields since I was a child and have learned that I am an energy healer at soul level. Although early on in my life I entered western medicine, along the way I discovered energy healing and became an Usui Reiki Master, and I use other forms of energy healing as well.

In 2003 life brought me together with my Twin Flame which was the first in a series of events to align me with my true purpose. Helping to raise the planet to the vibration of Love is core to the mission for Twin Flames during these transformational times.

Then in 2012 my life took another drastic turn when I was visited by an enormous blue angel during a moment of crisis. I was engulfed in the most profound love and peace – humbled to the core of my Being. The message she imparted set my life on a yet another new course and further aligned me with my soul’s true work. As time has passed in my new life I see that, like many others, I was meant to exit the matrix of fear and illusion – the old timeline for this planet – and align with the new timeline – one based on love and truth and freedom. I am of a growing tribe who are wayshowers of living in the new paradigm of Love.